Don't get yourself caught up in an Amityville situation

We all know the story of Amityville horror, whether by watching the movie or remake, reading the book, or listening to countless interviews with lawyers and the family supposedly haunted by the murders that took place within the home in New York. The house exists still and is back and forth on the real estate market.. Lots have debunked the story of the Lutz family. Others stand by the account and believe that DeFeo murders forever haunted the property..

The house was bought by a resident in 2010 for $950,000.. and then sold.. Those who attended the house showing in 2010 moving sale at 108 Ocean Ave. but the basement was not open for public consumption at the time. The owner in 2010 did not claim any haunting took place. As a matter of fact, no owners have since the Lutz family left in the 20th century..

But it brings up an interesting question, should you conclude that your own home is haunted by spirits or worse. What do you do to get rid of the house?

You can technically walk away from the mortgage. 

But if you're more inclined to care about credit and a future purchase, you'll want to sell the house on the market--and we know that demons and evilspiritdoers won't care about the asking price.  

A new show is being filmed to be on the SyFy that may help those in need of advice on how to ditch the witch. A Fort Wane, Indiana, real estate agent is going to try to help. His name is Scott FladHammer and he wrote a book "HOW TO SELL AN UGLY OR HAUNTED HOUSE."

We all know the housing market collapsed in 2008--and what is left of it appears to be collapsing even further. Maybe we finally have a blame.. now financial institutions' greed but instead witches and ghosts lurking in the walls of attics of homes. In which case, FladHammer will ride to the rescue.

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