News of the world.. whether you want to read or not

THE EARTH IS CHANGING.. For several years scientists have been watching for a huge piece of ice to break off of Greenland. And now it has happened, as the crack became complete and the iceberg twice the size of Manhattan has broken off..

This could be the dramatic illustration of a warming Greenland ..

Strange situation developing in Brazil as hundreds of penguins have been found dead on beaches.. And now biologists are on the case..

There is a looming budget crisis.. and 2 million jobs could be lost within months..

Amazing video circulating around the world.. a 7-year-old girl escaped injury when she fell from a window in Brooklyn only to be caught by a neighbor..

Big drug bust in Ohio as student, age 17, is accused of a multimillion dollar drug ring.. he was netting $20,000 a month in sales..

Strange campaign: Is BANE in DARK KNIGHT a Democrat attempt to destroy Mitt Romney?

Entire states may be threatened by the now epic drought taking place across the United States.. record high food prices this fall will be next as corn crop gets decimated by continued heat..

The 2012 Dust Bowl: No End in Sight to Record Drought

A frightening situation is developing today as news emerges about a woman who bit into a needle in her sandwich on a Delta flight now being put on anti-HIV medication.. Four Delta flights are affected.. it is a possible ‘terrorist’ act.. the FBI is investigating the matter. The persons who bit into the needles were biting into turkey sandwiches. How safe from sabotage are airport food products? Apparently not safe enough.. 

I missed this story when it happened but just caught it now: Merck in June delayed a batch of MMR vaccine slated for release because it was released too early, before it was finished an internal approval process.. The company asked 39,000 vaccines to be returned..

UK reports shows that there has been a huge uptake in children receiving the MMR vaccine, 87.1%. But the number ‘falls short’ of the target of ‘95%’..

Chaos in Canada.. a food festival had to close after 17 people were hospitalized after lightning struck..

There were tornadoes in Poland of all places the other day, another heat wave building in the USA, corn crops being decimated.. truly we are living in the quickening, just hope not ‘an ending’

A fierce lightning storm turns night into day