You're probably waking up to this horrific news about the DARK KNIGHT midnight massacre

There was a horrific shooting at a Colorado movie theater last night. 

A midnight massacre took place. At least 14 dead, 50 injured, more developing on that as medical professional teams release information to new stations. 

I just think about the people in this theater, and I cry.
Dads who took their sons because of how excited their sons were.
To go see a movie? No. To go see how disgusting our human race can so often be.
Yes there were threats to movie critics over the week and even the website rotten tomatoes had to take down its comments section. But this goes far beyond the reach of any fanboys online. This is disgusting, and frightening. 
ADULTS. CHILDREN. TEENAGERS. The ages of the victims seem to span generations.
Also, this was extremely close to Columbine.