A Peebles, Ohio meteor strike?


This story has gained some major attention tonight.. The big meteor that was seen in now 12 states Friday night may have hit in Peebles, Ohio.. and two people may be dead as a result..

The HORROR REPORT is looking for some type of certification of the Examiner article .. Originally a news account stated that an elderly couple died after their house caught on fire..  Reports of the meteor and fire in the sky Friday night seemed to center mostly in Ohio, and especially Peebles.. a comment on the AMSMETEORS.ORG page about the fireball from 'James' said,  
I live in Adams county southern Ohio…a meteorite or satellite burst through the atmosphere, I heard a loud boom preceded by a blue streak and white flash…then the vapor trail lasted about 10 seconds…fire trucks scrambled to a nearby farm where a fire was reported from a fireball from the sky..around peebles area…crazy!
Another comment on the site from 'Marie' said, 
I reported seeing this meteor last night and later found out that people I know died from the fire it caused to a house. An elderly couple was killed near my home after the meteor crashed near their home setting the house on fire. Flames were 70 ft high and the couple died of smoke inhalation in Peebles, Ohio.
Although eyewitnesses saw the meteor crash to the ground their the fire chief is saying there is no impact crater so it wasn’t the meteor that caused it. Do meteors always cause impact craters especially if they are small and hit structures?
If the house fire and unforuntate death of this elderly couple is directly related to the meteor impact, that will be very interesting... even more interesting because Peebles, the small town  in Ohio,  is also the site of a big meteor strike 300 million years ago..

The HORROR REPORT is still working on some form of confirmation of this event.. There are few headlines relating to the fire and death being caused by the meteor hitting.. 

An email to the HORROR REPORT from a reader in Ohio says there was no impact in the state, and the Peebles house fire was not related in any way to the fireball in the sky that was seen by hundreds in now twelve different states..

Meteors zoom through the sky all of the time.. impacts happen too--that would be nothing new for earth. But this year, this month, and this period of time, seems to be extra-special in terms of events and action.. the skies are on fire, balls of light are flying above.. and the Comet Ison is coming. Very interesting times we live in..