Earth had narrow miss with asteroid over the weekend!

Tomorrow is October 1 and all those FEMA Region 3 preps should be finalized, right?
There was a NARROW miss by the an asteroid this weekend, according to Russian scientists.. while we are being told it was not detected, maybe we should ask if it was…? Maybe this is why the regional preparations have been occurring? Maybe my tin foil hat is wound too tight?
Either way, we know this: Ohio saw a big fireball, as did about twelve other states and Canada. Clyde Lewis went nuts during his live broadcast Friday night attempting to comprehend this issue.. and then on Saturday, Alabama saw a big fireball. Last night, Zimbabwe saw a ‘moon like’ object.. 
There was no warning of this asteroid.. there was no major scientist who saw this.. and we have to now rely on the world’s new superpower, Russia, to tell us when we almost had a life-destroying asteroid hit.
This one was too close for comfort..