Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally Friday.. but that doesn't mean the news is better..


Some at the NSA used their power to snoop on lovers!

United Nations investigating seven reported chemical incidents in Syria..

INTERPOL issues red alert for "White Widow" after Nairobi attack..
...a mother of three and a 'danger' to the world..

A must listen to Clyde Lewis last night details the 'Krokodil with the Devil'.. The show focused on the drug that is promising to make you a zombie--it was in Russia and now flesh will rot in the United States. The bottom line: Krokodil is made from over-the-counter codeine-based headache pills, is mixed with iodine, gasoline, and paint thinner, and gets injected into those who crave it.. the effect? Their flesh rots and turns into a zombie-like state with festering sores and blood poisoning..The Arizona poison control center reports the first cases in the United States of addiction..

The horrors of Krokodil are shown on the UK DAILY MAIL..people with flesh rotting from their bones.. And 2.5 million people in Russia have checked in to seek treatment in Russia over the past three years..

TIME magazine tries humor.. it doesn't work.. instead it lumps Snowden and Manning in with mass murderers and historic turncoats.. TIME put photos of Manning and Snowden directly in the middle of Aaron Alexis and Major Nidal Hasan..

An interesting article on Pope Francis' comments that some Catholics are 'obsessed' with gay marriage and abortion..

Former nuclear official from the United States says a 'force beyond human control' was unleashed at Fukushima -- and that there is no way to stop it..

Worst case scenarios being contemplated concerning Fukushima..

Saturated Daiichi ground could allow buildings to tilt..

New data being revealed on babies born in post-Fukushima Japan..

Scientists attempt to unravel the mystery of the giant black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy..

Amatuer astronomers spot potential COMET OF THE CENTURY named Ison..

Fireball caught on camera over Alberta..
Fireballs over Texas..
Fireballs over Southeast US..

Could extreme caffeine in energy drinks be making teens dumb?

Bill Gates says the notion of 'Control-Alt-Delete' was a big mistake..

Scientists have created a new form of matter!

It was night in 1790.. and New York's Schoharie County residents saw a UFO..

Post-birthday suit: Shocktoberfest will not be nude, but just prude, because of local officials..

Critics balk at creepy Halloween costumes..
Critics question the "Naughty Leopard" costume..

New York TIMES reports on DARK TOUCH, a horror film by Marina de Van..

NPR: "WHAT ARE WE?" is a fresh Grade A horror movie remade in America..

Reports indicate that China is going to lift ban on video game consoles..

Casting call clues: Website wonders if WONDER WOMAN will be in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN..