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Game stop

Mass media sources have gone wall to wall with coverage of Aaron Alexis, the Navy shooter..As HORROR REPORT reported early this evening, there are reports that Alexis heard voices in his head and said someone was following him sending vibrations into his body..

There could be debate as to whether Aaron Alexis was a victim of mental illness or MK ULTRA-like programs, but that is being pushed aside. The typical blame goes to guns.. but something else is joining the culprit category in this incident: GRAND THEFT AUTO.

The media is now reporting the gamer world of Alexis and how he could be in a game 'all day and all night.'

The HORROR REPORT wrote early this morning that this was coming--we saw it early because Alexis was a gamer who vanished from reality into a world of violent videos, or so we're told..

Tonight the game blame game went further than usual.. Ed Schultz blamed GRAND THEFT AUTO on MSNBC tonight (Which  means about 25 people saw it) and said the game makers have fostered an environment in which games such as that are creating monsters .. Schultz said

“It’s got shooting people, stealing cars and beating up hookers,” Schultz said of the game. “If you’re a parent, and you allow your son or daughter to watch this — even if they’re beyond 18 years old — you’re a lousy parent in my opinion, and you play a role in this.”
And he's right.
It is about shooting people, stealing cars, and beating up hookers. And I also tend to agree that parents who haphazardly disregard what games their child is playing are probably lousy parents, at least sometimes.
I still think this is a delicate issue of First Amendment rights vs parental duties..

As a father, I respectively will be a dictator when it comes to certain things within the confines of the home. And perhaps violent video games will wait until a year in the future when I know my child can understand the difference between the violence and reality. With that said, it would appear that a newfound urge for game banning is upon us, a campaign that would make Tipper Gore tip with glory..

Just as the Second Amendment cannot be blamed for Newtown, I think it's a cop-out that the First Amendment is a cause of the Navy Yard shooting in D.C. ..

At the same time, my mind in conflicted by the game blame.
I know, as you may know, that GRAND THEFT AUTO has ties to mind control programs, Project Monarch, and sex kitten. (MORE HERE on that) .. so I find myself somewhat hard-pressed to defend a game that, in most respects, disregards human life as trash and allows you to mercilessly kill people.

Do games cause people to kill? Probably not. Do they help inspire? Not likely.. But do they desensitize? I think that one is possible. The bigger question, though, is to ask: Are they meant to desensitize?

I dismiss calls to ban games, just as I dismiss calls to ban guns.
Amendments must be respected.
Parental  duties must be  adhered to.

Most importantly, some thought behind who you support when you support mass entertainment conglomerates should be taken into consideration...



Paging Paige: Done at the WWE


PWInsider reports that Paige was told at this past Monday’s RAW that she will not be able to return to the ring. It was noted that she is “done” as a wrestler, and that the situation is similar to Edge’s retirement in 2011 due to a neck injury…

Paige had just returned to WWE in late November after a seventeen month absence due to a neck injury she suffered in June of 2016. During her absence she suffered two Wellness policy suspensions.

Paige was injured during a house show at the Nassau Coliseum on Dec. 27 during a six-woman tag match. She was kicked in the back by Sasha Banks and struggled to get back to her feet after the bump.


The fake missile warning in Hawaii was scary for residents of that state .. 38 minutes of hell.

Scary for America more may be what ELIANA JOHNSON writes in POLITICO: A false warning of a missile threat in Hawaii sent White House aides scrambling Saturday, frantically phoning agencies to determine a response and triggering worries about their preparedness almost a year into the Trump administration. President Donald Trump’s Cabinet has yet to test formal plans for how to respond to a domestic missile attack, according to a senior administration official. John Kelly, while serving as Secretary of Homeland Security through last July, planned to conduct the exercise. But he left his post to become White House chief of staff before it was conducted, and acting secretary Elaine Duke never carried it out. The Old Cold War guard is gone. The newcomers can issue threats but appear to be unaware on how to act on them.. “The U.S. government hasn’t tested these plans in 30 years,” said the senior a…

There is water on Mars. There is not water on Mars. There is water on Mars.

A cross-section of underground ice is exposed at the steep slope that appears bright blue in this enhanced-color view from the HiRISE camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The scene is about 550 yards wide. The scarp drops about 140 yards from the level ground in the upper third of the image.Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UA/USGS

This could be a game changer–and quite the about face since the past several months of news gathered have reinforced the notion that no water at all existed..

As reported in the journal Science (paywall), the water was found in both the north and south of Mars, at latitudes equivalent to South America and Scotland. The exposed areas were found on scarps as steep as 55 degrees. Based on the absence of craters in the regions, scientists believe that the features formed relatively recently.

“The discovery reported today gives us surprising windows where we can see right into these thick underground sheets of ice,” study co-author Shane Byrne of the University of…

FCC won’t let Trump’s shithole be

The FCC received complaints after NBC and CNN used the word “s—hole” in their coverage of the controversy over comments President Donald Trump reportedly made to lawmakers during a meeting about immigration.

An FCC spokesman said they received a “handful” of comments, but did not have an exact figure yet. The agency does not monitor programming, but reviews each complaint to decide whether to take any type of action.

CNN featured the term on its chyron, and it was also repeated on air multiple times. But the FCC’s jurisdiction over indecency and profanity does not cover cable and satellite programming.x

The word was used once on “NBC Nightly News,” but anchor Lester Holt issued a viewer warning in advance. CBS and ABC chose not to use the word.

The FCC considers a number of factors in whether to act on a complaint, including “context,” and that in the past has included whether it has been a part of news programming. Broadcasters are confident that they would be exempt for using the term i…



Not only that, but warnings buzzed on TVs.. radios.. the horrid screeching noise when an emergency alert sounds.. 

CNN reports,

Jocelyn Azbell had just woken up in her Maui hotel Saturday when she was hurried into the hotel's basement to take shelter from an incoming ballistic missile.
"You're thinking, 'Oh my gosh, are we going to die? Is it really a missile (headed) our way, or is it just a test?'" the 24-year-old told CNN. "We really didn't know."
Minutes before, she'd received an ominous alert on her phone.

Azbell, her boyfriend and hundreds of other hotel guests were "herded like cows" into the basement by staff. "People are crying and people obviously were super scared," she said.
For 20 minutes, Azbell said, they waited. Finally, they were told that the alert was a false ala…


The worst flu since the early 2000s strikes he entire continental United States is experiencing widespread flu right now, the first time in the 13 years of the current tracking system that that has happened, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Officials said that this flu season is shaping up to be one of the worst in recent years. The rate of flu hospitalizations — the number of people hospitalized with flu per 100,000 — nearly doubled last week compared with the previous week. Last week it was 22.7 per 100,000 people; the week before that rate was 13.7. IT IS SO BAD..
THE KIDS ARE BANNED FROM GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!! All of that prompted metro Detroit's Beaumont hospital chain to take an unusual step Friday afternoon: banning visits from children under 13 until the flu season subsides. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” said a news release from Beaumont Health System, which operates eight major hospitals in southeast Michigan. “All Beaumont Health hospita…