News-thirsty Thursday: A bright and beautiful morning with dark and ominous news.. such is life, I suppose


First responders on the scene at Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C. were ordered to stand down..
Report claims that elite Capitol police unit was blocked from Navy Yard massacre..

Witness to Navy massacre laughs heartily while on camera (unknowingly)

United States military is preparing to hijack the airwaves.. FOBRES (yes, Forbes) reports ..

Toxic stew in Colorado: Chemical and sewage leaked into flood waters, residents told to stay out..
New numbers released..

The HORROR REPORT told you of the brain eating bug in a Louisiana Parish water supply.. and now some are studying as to whether it's yet another effect of Hurricane Katrina..

Community briefing planned for those affected by giant Louisiana Assumption Parish sinkhole..

TIME MAGAZINE cover this week asks another potentially famous question *remember when they asked if God was dead?* .. This week: Can Google solve death?

Facebook users committing "virtual suicide" by leaving website in droves..

Hack whack: Brazilian hackers confuse NASA with NSA in their revenge online attack... Amazing. With budget cuts, NASA cannot even spy on itself!

This is pretty damn disgusting.. An image of Rehtaeh Parsons, a Canadian teen who committed suicide in April, appeared in a ad on Facebook.. . Facebook responded quickly saying it was a 'gross violation', but questions remain..

Religious site decries the 'sexual rhythm of rock and roll'

Great cover, and one of the few in history that does not feature Alfred E Neuman.. MAD MAGAZINE sends a message.

Mystery maple syrup smell comes back to New York City..

Nestle wants all water.. they plan for big extractions from North America..

Big cracks found in Fukushima reactors..

Sinkhole: The Dead Sea is dying..

There is a giant underwater blog of magma.. and scientists are puzzled by it.. But even more: The Afar Rift in Ethiopia is marked by enormous gashes that signal the breakup of the African continent and the beginnings of a new ocean basin, scientists think.. Read more..

Missouri Hunter Dies After Falling into Sinkhole

Huge sinkhole opens in Colorado Springs..

Activity on the sun suddnely stops..
But Spaceweather says more action coming..

Yesterday Cher had a funny quote about Miley Cyrus' tongue.. Today she is ashamed of her Tweet. Once again, Miley can just be Miley, even with her tongue 'coated'..

Miley Cyrus Halloween costumes identify the 'easiest girls' for sex, according to a survey..

Eating it up! GRAND THEFT AUTO V debuts to a record $800 million on the FIRST DAY ALONE..

When games were good and anything was possible: Hiroshi Yamauchi, the Japanese businessman credited with transforming Nintendo into a world-leading video games company, has died aged 85

THOR saved by Joss Whedon: He re-wrote scenes..

Jamie Lee Curtis is building a team of horror movie survivors.. According to Nikki Finke, ABC Family is prepping a horror drama with Curtis with writing by Jeff Dixon..

Belief in ghosts rise.. *Poll people after October, I bet beliefs will fall..