Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nightmares and visions: When terrors at night become too real

I had a weird dream last night that I was debating as to whether I would mention, I do not proclaim this dream to be prophetic nor a message of any kind, that is not this type of website.. I'm not Nania9 folks..

But there was something very strange about the dream, I know you had these types yourself: the types that you seem very real..

In my minds wandering thoughts during sleep last night a nuclear power facility with three plumes coming up from the mountain had a fire, at a certain point during my dream the entire nuclear facility completely burned down. The only thing left were fragmented pieces of the structure smoldering and smoking, and that smoke took over and shrouded the entire landscape for miles..

The immediate concern I had of course was for food, the safety of my family, in the future. The amazing thing about my dream though is that I flipped on new stations, talk to other people at a public park (In which for some reason I strolled around wearing a tie and I saw tons of people who I have not seen for years), But no news coverage existed of this fire.. In my dream I felt that I was the only one along with my family who even saw the structure bring down, as there was no live coverage, no local coverage, no CNN or anyone else at the scene covering an active nuclear facility burning to the ground! So, I saw an opening, figuring I would get to the store immediately and buy everything in there, all the canned goods and pop tarts and anything else I could find...

What really struck me about this dream, more than anything, was that it seemed to all take place in slow motion. I slowly watched the nuclear plant burn.. I slowly walked around seeing old friends.. Everything was slow, almost as though I was absorbing it all...

Luckily for my sanity my alarm then rang and I woke up, never finishing this dream and never fully grasping what the strange elements of it or and what they meant. I am not the type of person that has reoccurring nightmares so I don't think that I will actually have this dream again, at least I hope I don't. It was more of a nightmare than a dream.

As mentioned before, this seemed to be one of those dreams that was too real, and it certainly seems to be a dream with some sort of message. Here again, this is not that type of website, so if you wish to determine an accurate interpretation of what this dream means, that will be fine. But now that I have told you of this dream, I don't wish to think about it anymore..