Nude or prude: Here's hoping October stays warm for the naked people

A few weeks ago, my friend told me that Shocktoberfest here in my homes state of Pennsylvania was going to do something a little funky.. crude..and nude.  I didn't believe him until I researched it myself.. and the fact I didn't report on it here on the HORROR REPORT may mean that subconsciously I still didn't believe it until I saw news accounts of it..

There is an attraction at the haunted location near Sinking Springs PA that, after midnight, you can enter naked. That's right.. for the price of entry, you can take your clothes off entirely, or just down to your undergarments. No one under 18. The website also says no sex. And only after midnight..that's when you'll let it all hang out.

Shocktoberfest has done a great feat: The little haunted house that could has not garnered lots of national and worldwide attention with their Naked and Afraid scenario.

The theme is modeled of course after that DISCOVERY  CHANNEL show in which people strip down to nothing and try not to die for 20 days on some remote island.

At Shocktoberfest, the nude participants will walk through a house called "The Unknown" and hang on to whatever they got.. According to the park, the nudies and prudies will have to face the zombies in the house. No word on whether the monsters will also be in birthday suits, though I'd imagine not..

Groping  around in the dark seems to have a whole new meaning with this attraction..Be careful what you grab onto, I imagine.

The image in the advertisement for Naked and Afraid that Shocktoberfest is using makes me a chuckle a bit--two attractive, young, and thin models with nervous smiles on their perfect faces. What will really enter the Unknown?? I picture more weight.. more age.. more grease.. and more perverse eyes trying to scour the landscape to see any mountains and molehills ..

The fact you must be 18 to enter is .. well, legally sound and expected. And the waiver folks will sign? Also expected.. but even at 18--think back!--would you have been either 1) Confident enough to do something this nature or (If yes to 1) 2) mature enough to handle it?  How many 18-year-olds just-out-of-high-school nervous, pimply, horny folks will be able to pass this test? We will see..
I imagine NAKED AND AFRAID will become either a blip on the radar of haunted houses..or Shocktoberfest is upping the ante on how to scare people.

Hope there's no mirrors in The Unknown. For some, the scariest site may be their own bodies without boundaries..

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