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Pink Star appeared on Clyde Lewis. And then I couldn't sleep.

If you so happened to be flipping through radio stations late last night you may have caught Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, and chances are you were not able to sleep after listening to..

Lewis had a guest that he code-named "Pink star".
Pink star, Lewis explained, had security clearances with the government and was privy to information regarding FEMA Region III.. What Pink Star said was alarming..

According to her verbal testimony over the AM, satellite, and Internet airwaves last night, many people in Puerto Rico and United States, along with military personnel, are having reoccurring nightmares about fireballs falling from the sky.. She went further though and said the nightmares are only a example of a truth, and the potential for a disaster somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean or eastern seaboard of United States with large celestial objects actually hitting. Her voice appeared nervous. She said on the night previous when she was supposed to be on, she became victim of electronic harassment..

The area part that struck me while listening was the accounts of dreams. One of my favorite TV movies ever made was Stephen King "Storm of the Century". In that film there is one scene that stands out in my mind, all of the residents in shelter during the massive snowstorm begin having the same nightmare of being taken into the sea and committing mass suicide, all while a large-nosed preacher on TV compels them back to do it .. And going even further, I am not without such dreams recently too. Just last week here on this website I reported to you one of my most vivid dreams I have ever had in my life, about fireballs or something hitting giant towers at a nuclear facility, causing a fire, and then forcing me into old park, waking around aimlessly waiting for my wife and child, with people I have never seen for years. In the dream I perhaps was entering heaven -- or maybe I was stuck in hell..

All things must be taken with grains of salt, and whenever someone reports doom or gloom the grain of salt must be larger-than-life.. The show from last night was no different, and with no disrespect meant to Mr. Lewis, we must be very suspicious of the claims and investigate these for ourselves..

And that is exactly what the Horror Report will intend on doing, because if the pink stars are falling in line, we will at least be able to see the path perhaps before the hit.