My friend at the CINEMA PSYCHO wrote me an email last night concerning my Grand Theft Auto rants of yesterday in relation to the voices in Aaron Alexis' head, and rightfully pointed out that horror movies have often been blamed for violence in society. The strange part about that is how seldom people do that anymore. Why? Has horror simply been accepted and is it so widespread that you can't blame them? Is it because people watch horror-based television shows nightly and enjoy them?

Alexis went on a thirty minute rampage..
He played lots of violent games.. and NBC NEWS is reporting that voices in heads are more common than thought..

Exceptionalism Poverty under President Obama has jumped to a record 46.5 million Americans..

Thousands of people are desperate to get out of Acapulco, Mexico today.. Tourists and residents are lining up to escape after bridges and roads have been decimated by Tropical Storm Manuel.. At least 40,000 tourists saw their holiday degenerate into mass panic and chaos.. The military is assisting in loading tourists to Mexico City.. elderly and children are getting priority.. So far 47 are dead and 800,00 are seeking help..

Earthquake swarm rattling Yellowstone close to Old Faithful..

800 feet tall deep sea waves discovered in the Pacific Ocean..

1000 tons of polluted Fukushima dumped into Pacific..

Pope Francis a hit on social media..

Man was getting hundreds of girls to strip for him by simply posing as Justin Bieber..

Cher rips Miley Cyrus for her oral hygiene! "..Chick, don't stick out your tongue if it's coated"

Katy Perry vs PETA..

Mark Wahberg gets high school diploma..

Five must haves that you probably don't get in your diet..

Scare in Brazil: Fan pulls Beyonce off stage..

SLEEPY HOLLOW debuts to strong ratings.. more than 10 million viewers strong..

I really wish we would change the way we track movie success. We care so much about how much cash it draws in--but movie ticket prices are higher than ever. I think we should go by the number of people and tickets actually sold, as opposed to money it makes. Just sayin' is all..

Batman Ben responds: Affleck says "I'm very tough" .. He finally addressed the anger over his role as BATMAN..