A re-prediction: John Hogue still will not be back on Art Bell's DARK MATTER

A day after Nostrodamus expert John Hogue appeared on Art Bell's DARK MATTER, the HORROR REPORT jokingly wrote that he would not be back on again. Hogue took to Facebook to immediately criticize Bell and argue that he wasn't permitted to answer questions.

Since then, tempers have not decreased.. just yesterday, Hogue again went to Facebook to promote a new article he wrote for his website detailing his wide variety of criticisms for Bell's interview style.. Among the things Hogue wrote,
"Tuesday night was the culmination of a growing pattern of escalating concern. Starting around the turn of the century I noted in our shows a growing grumpiness and even episodes of outright bullying coming from Art Bell. In addition, in my view, his otherwise brilliant sense of timing, and guiding of his shows began to lapse. I increasingly found him asking me to answer a complicated question, then, just a few words in, he’d step on my lines, interrupting. All of this is documented and archived, by the way, if you want to check it. Just listen to our shows starting from around September 1998 through 2007. You might detect how Art strayed more and more over the years from arguing to being argumentative with me.
Yes, Bell was interrupting him. Because really, Hogue never stops talking..

Not to be outdone, Art Bell himself took to Facebook to address the post-MATTER behavior displayed by Hogue. Bell said, statement in full:
John Hogue has decided to blast me on his Facebook page AFTER the show was over, saying among other things that I was unprofessional and did not let him respond to profound questions with profound and never ending answers. You also kept saying “read my book” again and again. Yes, I did try to move you along for the sake of our listener’s. If you felt slighted you could have sent me a private message or even called, perhaps a message here on Facebook because you are in my friends list, or responded on the spot since you were there on air, but no, none of that. Not my idea of professional but alright, since you went public I guess this is the correct forum to respond in.
I am sorry you felt hurried John but my view is that if you want a Host who will introduce you and then take a nap I know you know where to find him, not my idea of professional, or perhaps your own show where you can profoundly drone on till the cows come home. I know when a Guest is so interesting that I should just keep my mouth shut and do many times. That was not one of those nights.
DM is real Radio and I have no intention of allowing it to be hijacked by Guest’s who are unwilling to have a dialog. If you want to make a speech please run for office. I try very hard to be polite to my Guest’s but I also have a responsibility to my listener’s if required, and it was. Sorry your feelings were hurt.

Once again, I stand by the earlier prediction made: Hogue Will Not Be ON Dark Matter again..

Sorry John, but you made your choice. Coast to Coast until it's Toast. It's Snores for the Bore! There's no place like home, Hogue.


  1. I wondered if Notradamus predicted this earth-shattering event?

  2. I don't think that Nostradamus predicted anything much--you'd get better predictions of the future from George Noory's toupee.


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