GRAVITY sucking all the money at box office.. a distant MACHETE hacks

Columbus Day box office numbers developing--people are less accepting of newcomers, instead seeing GRAVITY in droves.. I wrote last week that this may be the movie of the year for a few reasons--and this without even seeing it myself yet! Hopefully that will change soon.
In the meantime.. The numbers as they are rumored to be..

GRAVITY lost about 25% since last week.. but it will still end up being in first place in domestics this weekend--$124 cumulative since last week is pretty darn good for a sci-fi film in the fall.. $44 mil alone this weekend expected ..

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS has some rough shores with a second place $26 mil weekend

It's still a little CLOUDY on how to judge the 2nd MEATBALLS .. $78 cumulative is a little less than what I expected for the kids film

But right where I expected it: MACHETE KILLS is going to be number four this week.. A little over $4 mil for the weekend set.. We'll see how long 2,538 choose to run this R rated flick. Even Lady Gaga's APPLAUSE couldn't save MACHETE this time.


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