Strange times: Air Force General discharged of nuclear duty

Jim Miklaszewski and Matthew DeLuca, from NBC NEWS, are reporting today that a top general in charge of nuclear ballistic missiles has been relieved of his command due to loss of trust..

The term being described to General Michael Carey's firing: "Personal misbehavior"..

NBC NEWS reports this:
"Air Force officials said Maj. Gen. Michael Carey was fired for “personal misbehavior” while on temporary duty at an unspecified location outside his usual command. The officials would not describe the behavior, other than to say that it did not involve any sexual improprieties, drug use, gambling, or criminal conduct. Carey oversaw the 20th Air Force, with a total of 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles at three locations across the U.S. An Air Force statement said that Carey was relieved from command “due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment.” The statement goes on to say that “the allegations are not related to operational readiness, inspection results, nor do they involve sexual misconduct.""
And of course there is a conspiracy angle to the firing: Alex Jones' INFOWARS.COM explores that angle..