The season of the witch is here.. for some, this is the time of year where the thin line between reality and 'over there' vanishes for a while.. Ancient tradition would cause us to wear those costumes, carve those Jack O'Lanterns.. Pagan rituals that persist today.
It's also a time where, in my opinion, I feel it becomes a virtual 'full moon' for the week.. The strange, the creepy, the macabre. It begins today..

Disgusting news from New York City: Stabbing rampage hits Brooklyn.. a man was arrested after butchering a woman and her four children.. According to reports this Sunday morning, a 'crazed man' turned the Sunset Park home into a slaughterhouse.. The woman was 37. She had four young children.. The man has been identified as the children's mentally troubled older cousin.. This is such a horrible story..
The killing is being called a mass stabbing..

You can turn bread into a body but you can't take away the disease .. Bishop in Fargo, NC, may have exposed church goers to hepatitis A through communion!

Sort of a compliment to my scathing critique of drunken Halloween culture last night: 45 arrested in Ohio Halloween block party..

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