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The Keystone State may start growing peaches by 2100

According to a new report quietly released by the Pennsylvania Climate Change Advisory Council may sound some alarm bells -- of course the fact it was quietly released means perhaps that those alarm bells may not be as loud as they should be..

According to the study, greenhouse gases are mostly to blame for temperature increases since 1950--greenhouse gases from humans.. Even more: After 2050, many things will become......uncertain..?

Marc McDill is from the Penn State, and is an expert in forestry. He said that by 2050,  the Keystone State's climate will be similar to Virginia. By 2100? GEORGIA..
Just imagine by then what Georgia will be like!?

"The report says greenhouse gases from humans are mostly to blame for temperatures that already have climbed since about 1950. It predicts still more temperature increases but uncertainly over rainfall. The temperature changes could have a significant impact on Pennsylvania's wildlife, rivers, lakes, and aquatic ecosystems, but the economic impact is likely to be focused on certain industries, with a small effect on the overall economy and to public health. For example, more people may die from heat waves, but fewer will die from extreme cold. There may be more extreme weather in different seasons, including droughts and floods. Christina Simeone, chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Climate Change Advisory Committee, said the delay in releasing the report and the lack of a news release are part of a pattern. She is with the environmental group Penn Future.
The future's so bright, you'll have to wear shades..

There has actually been a re-invigoration of opinion that climate change is not happening.. The Arctic ice is expanding.. things seem to be on hold. Lately the alarmists on climate have looked like they are barking up the wrong tree ....
Sure would be nice if climate didn't change... but..... 


  1. Pennsylvania already grows peaches and has been growing them in peach orchards dating back to at least the early 1800s.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Of course APPLES are the bumper crop this time of year in PA.. and peaches are there, but .. it's not the PEACH state..


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