The red line is simply meaningless.. And perhaps always was..

Remember a few weeks ago when Syria crossed that 'red line'.. the President went on TV, and the world was on the brink of World War III. 

Until Vlad the Impaler Putin was able to get his best buddy Assad to 'give up' those weapons of some destruction. 

But now comes this story from the LONDON TELEGRAH: Assad's snipers, they report, are 'targeting unborn babies' .. the story is shocking. 

Including with it is even a disturbing image of a fetus with a bulley lodged in its head.. And whether this is true not or, LIFENEWS (a pro-life oriented site) reports that an X-ray shows unborn baby being targeted screamed in pain ..

We have been here before--times when 'doctors' and other experts from within a nation say something has happened but history uncovers a fact that it never did. Think back to the babies being thrown from incubators in Iraq .. George H.W. Bush used it as part of the pretext to enter Gulf War I. It has since been revealed that those events did not occur, but simply were used as propaganda to humanize the war to sell it to America..

Is this new example of babies being killed in the womb another example of selling a war? 
Is this war even for sale anymore?

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