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The strange video of Elisa Lam's final moments of life

Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old student staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles .. She also succumbed to her fate there.. The story was a shock to the world: She was found dead in the Cecil's water tank. 

And now the weird death of Elisa Lam made the Cecil an even darker place than it already was.

The other night, Art Bell's website showcased a video of Elisa Lam in her final moments of life.. Though the video was online for some time now, Art Bell talking about it propelled it to instant popularity. 

It shows Lam on an elevator acting, for lack of a better word, strange. Some think she is battling a spirit or demon, others think the video is simply an example of her fragile sanity.. The four-minute security video was posted on YouTube (*I don't know by who, you'd think this was evidence??*) .. In the clip, Lam is frantically pushing elevator buttons as the door of the elevator stays open.. then she starts behaving bizarre..After these strange events on the elevator, Elisa Lam gained access to the rooftop of the Cecil Hotel. She climbed into the water tank of the hotel. She then died--and was found two weeks later .. The only reasons she even was found was because hotel guests were complaining of the water's taste and color--investigators found her body decomposing in the hotel's source of water.. 

In September, the UBC student's parents filed wrongful death litigation against the owners of the Cecil Hotel. After all, the water tank is in a restricted area, and it is sealed. Yet somehow she ended up being found dead in a place where, frankly, someone of her strength and size should not even be able to get to..  

The VIGILANT CITIZEN website did great work on a report concerning Lam, the dark history at the Cecil, and other weird things like the Lam death being similar to DARK WATER from 2005 and the fact that, after Lam's death, tuberculosis broke out on skid row in Los Angelas, near the Cecil Hotel, and the test kits used during those situations were named: 'LAM-ELISA'..

This video, along with the inclusion of her circumstances on paranormal websites across the Internet landscape, must be painful for the family already reeling in pain from the loss of her innocent life. 

But there are just some weird things about this video.. her behavior may be a result of a psychotic episode or drug use.. but the elevator doors not closing until she is gone? The fact her body was found somewhere that a person should not be able to get to? 

The Cecil's history is already frightening enough.. Add this to the mystery of the location.. And this one, in my opinion, is still unsolved--regardless of the experts and officials that called this death accidental. 



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