TUESDAY TERRORS: Newsworthy events of the world and beyond

Other news of the day..

A Montana government employee is in some hot water after she hired a paranormal team to find an office ghost!

This is pretty much disgusting: Mark Dice was able to get people to sign petitions say that they support an Orwellian state in America. What have we become!

The Left Anger: Chris Hedges admits that the military police state is far worse under Obama than under Bush 2

The mystery continues: 2 more Naval Officers get purged by the Obama Administration..

Drone strikes are killing more than the United States admits..

Chinese city shrouded in smog--airport shut down, masks are being worn, and ground transport is at a standstill.. And because of the smog, and God knows what's in the thick stew, a city of 11 million people in China has completely been cut off from the world

Mega wildfire could form in Australia burning..

Red October: Some wildfires in Australia have been started by people--and authorities are shocked to know that some of those people are children as young as 11..

FOURTH earthquake hits Israel!

Heavy rains overflow water tank barriers in Fukushima..

Your "chicken" McNugget gets a close look..

The future of street lighting: Glow in the dark streets!

Comet Ison is glowing green.. and it's tail has been captured glowing in a new image.. Next stop: Our sky..

VERY INTERESTING video and story from SLATE: Here are three illusion that will melt your brain.. your perception will be thrown off.. and you won't know what is happening..

What is causing earth's gamma ray bursts?

NETFLIX continues earnings success..

Is BEETLEJUICE 2 actually going to be made?
Tim Burton and Micheal Keaton are eyeing a sequel..
WARNER BROS looks to develop..

The incredible technology of horror movie monsters..

Game day: Early scene of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN filmed..

Not a day goes by that we are not subjected to a nude or partially nude celebrity selfie on Twitter. Today it's Shai Labeouf..

Corey Feldman breaks his silence: A new book memior reveals the sexual abuse that he said he, and Corey Haim, faced in the 1980s.. Even more interesting, Feldman writes The man who abused Haim now "walks around, one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist" ..

Song of the century: WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND singer Noel Harrison dead..

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