You soon won't own your face

Google is going to do something creepy (to add to their mighty list): Include your face in advertisements..

Here is how it will work.. On November 11, the new policy takes effect that will use Google + users' faces in advertisements.
When a company purchases an ad, your friends will see a version that includes your photo along with what you said about the product..

Facebook is already doing it.. Google is not in uncharted waters. Of course Facebook is also in a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit from people not too happy about their faces being used to sell something ..

How to opt out? That feature, as of now at least exists, courtesy of CED SOULTIONS
Click this linkUncheck the check box. Unless it’s already unchecked — in which case, leave it unchecked. Oddly, some people are saying they’re opted out by default; others say they find it checked. tl;dr: check = bad.  Hit save!