Let the paranormal begin! The blood wolf moon rises

A tale of two Isons

There is conflicting information circulating today regarding the Comet of the Century, Ison.

On one hand, an expert named Stephen Lowry was quoted in the IB TIMES today saying that Ison is breaking up and may not survive its trip around the sun.. Lowry is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science School of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent Canterbury.. He told the publication that he does not think the comet will survive, commenting, "New reports show rapid decrease in gas emissions from the comet and a rapid increase in dust. Now these are early reports so we could be wrong. But for me personally I don't think it's likely to survive."

And on the other hand...
A video update of Ison seems to paint a different picture..

Here it is for your enjoyment and knowledge:

And then there's this: A huge CME has just been fired by the sun at Ison..
Battle is on.

We will see what occurs with this comet in a matter of days.
Tonight, CNN is reporting that the comet may be falling apart as it nears the sun..

The moment of truth comes on Thanksgiving.

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