Art Bell issues a statement regarding the deafening silence coming from Sirius XM on his demands

This website has been following the exit of Art Bell from Dark Matter for days, and his latest post tonight on does not show much promise for those hoping he will return to the airwaves under his conditions

.. He writes in full
Ok today again we heard nothing from Sirius. It is strange that we get no communication at all.

Just so you know, not any of this was done on the fly, before leaving on Monday I consulted with Paul
and Bob Crane my sponsor and they both agreed it was the right course of action.

On Wed we proposed becoming a Independent Broadcaster, which as with others at Sirius/XM would
have meant we could stream ourself, that was the goal. They said they were activley considering it and
we have not heard from them since. I told them I was willing to be on air the next day.

I wish I had more to report but for now that is it as of the close of business Friday on the East Coast.


Sometimes no news is good news, but when you're waiting for news it would not be good news to have none..