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Hours after George Noory called into GABCAST, Art Bell once against has taken to the pages of BELLGAB to further explain his position on his departure from DARK MATTER.

A quote,
My goodness I was watching a show on the DVR with my child Bride and come back to this?  Of course I am not going to commit sewerpipe, I said all that tounge in cheek and I did not say anything that was not said here and over and over, spread out over 106 pages or so. My skin as I age is indeed getting thinner but my public skin has never been thicker. I just thought you would like to see how the same words used here would sound coming from me. I have not changed my mind about free streaming and intend to make it a reality one way or the other. I have asked Sirius to allow me to act as a Private Broadcaster, then as other shows do, I could stay on Sirius and would be free to stream all I want.
If they go for that all will be well, It would mean no pay from Sirius but I am good with that, I do not need the money. If Sirius says no, then I will, at the first opportunity stream from

 Again, I am sorry that some people invested in a radio or a stream and if a deal is not reached will have lost out. You do not know what
was going on behind the scenes for those six Weeks and if you did I think you might understand, or considering the makeup of some of this
group perhaps not, but I was trying to act in the interest of the listener, not myself.

 I still love this board. There is something about the core group that is somewhat loveable and I still feel that way, I do know trolls when I see them, and I can guess where they slime in from. I am toying with the idea of new hours for the show....

 There is only one good way to proceed and that is with a better product. That is what I intend to do.
Yes, it has come to this. 


  1. Art, I'm sure there are millions who , like me, will listen to you on the airwaves however and whenever you are there. Having listened to you since about 94, many like me appreciate your choice of subject and treatment of it....We're old too, HAAA, and we will roswell up any chance we get. thanks Art, Git back up on a frequency ....somewhere.....and we'll find you !


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