Hours after George Noory called into GABCAST, Art Bell once against has taken to the pages of BELLGAB to further explain his position on his departure from DARK MATTER.

A quote,
My goodness I was watching a show on the DVR with my child Bride and come back to this?  Of course I am not going to commit sewerpipe, I said all that tounge in cheek and I did not say anything that was not said here and over and over, spread out over 106 pages or so. My skin as I age is indeed getting thinner but my public skin has never been thicker. I just thought you would like to see how the same words used here would sound coming from me. I have not changed my mind about free streaming and intend to make it a reality one way or the other. I have asked Sirius to allow me to act as a Private Broadcaster, then as other shows do, I could stay on Sirius and would be free to stream all I want.
If they go for that all will be well, It would mean no pay from Sirius but I am good with that, I do not need the money. If Sirius says no, then I will, at the first opportunity stream from

 Again, I am sorry that some people invested in a radio or a stream and if a deal is not reached will have lost out. You do not know what
was going on behind the scenes for those six Weeks and if you did I think you might understand, or considering the makeup of some of this
group perhaps not, but I was trying to act in the interest of the listener, not myself.

 I still love this board. There is something about the core group that is somewhat loveable and I still feel that way, I do know trolls when I see them, and I can guess where they slime in from. I am toying with the idea of new hours for the show....

 There is only one good way to proceed and that is with a better product. That is what I intend to do.
Yes, it has come to this.