Daylight savings coming, waste another year

Well today is it.. It’s not the darkest day of the year, that comes before Christmas, but it’s Daylight Savings Time. There’s lots of old farm reasons we do it.. George W. Bush changed the time of year we did it a decade ago. I still don’t get that one.
But here we are again.. falling back—and hour more of sleep tonight, but of course having a child I will just be up an early earlier than normal.. 
It is strange.. As I type this it’s 11:30am. This time tomorrow it will be 10:30…
Something always feels lost this time of year, besides sunlight and daytime hours. 
Thank God someone decided to keep pagan traditions alive in the early Christian church. If not, there’d be no Christmas lights in the dark, dull winter air..
Daylight savings coming in.
By the way, this Counting Crows song was recorded in the year 1996, and there have been lots of daylights savings since then.  I was 16 and the world was in front of me. But I have come to learn that each November, things all become the same…cold days, lonely nights, leaves slowly falling around me.. A whirlwind of autumn leaving, making way for the death of winter.