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For George the Bell tolls: Art Bell taking legal steps to fight non compete clause as he unleashes on Coast host Noory

There may be a non compete to stop Art Bell from broadcasting...

...but it sure isn't stopping him from speaking his true feelings on George Noory..
Art Bell spoke to Michael Vandeven on GABCAST last night, and now today is following up with some harder core comments regarding his departure from Sirius XM and George Noory..

Yes, it is not a fight I want, but it is one I WILL have.
I have asked to be released from the NC and got a no first time around, now I have asked again and taken steps with Legal help. We shall see what develops. As for thinking George is a nice guy, those days are long gone. 
He should feel the sharp knife of hypocrisy stab him every night when he "thanks me", I told him what a piece of crap he was after he put Oates on in language that would make most Sirius/XM Hosts blush, still he does it either because he has been told to do it or he really woves me, I prefer the former. 
 The HORROR REPORT has previously reported on the David Oates controversy. Oates said some less than kind comments about Bell when  the talk show host was going through personal crises. Noory had Oates as a guest in September--right before Bell's initial venture onto Sirius XM.

As we know now, the brief stint on Sirius XM ended with a bang--Bell departed with the typical fanfare that accompanies his actions. Immediately after Sirius ignored Bell's request to stream his program on, they replaced his show with none other than Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Noory confirmed on Bellgab that negotiations were taking place presumably while Bell was still hosting DARK MATTER on Sirius XM! 

These new comments tonight seem to signify an angrier Bell, and perhaps one who is more apt to fight his non compete than the resigned Bell that existed only days ago. One must assume that the airing of grievances is not over--and that the airing of Coast to Coast AM in the Indie 104 time slot Bell occupied only a week ago is a call to arms for the talk show host and his squadron of fans.  Already today, Twitter trends included #FreeArtBell and message boarders from and other sites suggested that they were calling and emailing Sirius XM in protest, demanding that Bell be released from his non compete clause.

Some have suggested that the clause may have already been nullified by Sirius itself! 
Bell confirmed that he received information in writing from Sirius XM indicating that their online streaming reach was worldwide. Bell said he did not investigate that claim fully and only came to learn after beginning DARK MATTER than Sirius' ability to faithfully stream shows was less than perfect, and often meager attempts with time outs and error messages.

Even further, with Bell stating that his words to Noory would make other Sirius hosts blush, you'd wonder how brutal the words may have been. Howard Stern blushing at Art Bell's insults? Hopefully Asia was put to bed before Art unleashed!

The fight appears to be just beginning. 
Will Art Bell win.. or will #FreeArtBell be a grasp for straws?
Time will tell..
"Somewhere in time..."


  1. C2C isn't even in the same time slot. If anything, George would want Art as a lead in. I don't see what the big deal is.

    I dunno why Art is acting like they fired him.

  2. Exactly. Art did this to himself. Now he wants peple to fight for him again only so he can quit on them again? tools

  3. As others said. Art quit. nobody made him.


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