#FREEARTBELL campaign explodes; Legal representation advises Art Bell

Art Bell existed at night for decades--and his loyal squadron  of fans now does, too..
The BELLGAB message board was set on proverbial fire last night when a user, named "Surmo," issued a statement on the website concerning Art Bell's legal approach to fighting his non compete with Sirius XM. Surmo wrote, in full:
On behalf of Art Bell, I am issuing a statement to the participants of BellGab, the fans of Art Bell, and even Art's enemies. 
A number of days ago Art and I made contact in regard to his legal issues involving Sirius XM, and now Premiere Radio and Coast to Coast. Art's desire is to return to the air as soon as possible, and he wanted me to investigate his legal options. Art instructed me to look into each and every option, and by that he meant every option, after which he will decide which avenue to select to return to the airways. Every option is on the table, but the preference is for a quick return in a format that Art prefers. 
Art Bell is not a businessman, and he made a mistake trusting those who perhaps should not have been trusted. He is now assembling a team in order to correct that mistake, and will make his decision fairly swiftly. It is gratifying to note the legal hurdles do not look nearly as significant as initially feared, and I will present Art with a number of legal options in the very near future. If that is what is required to get a show on the air, Art will proceed with one of those legal options, though the final decision remains with Art Bell. 
Those of you who have ideas on how to proceed with the ground troops, i.e. BellGab itself, should feel free to send me a personal message with your ideas. Videos, posting at certain sensitive websites, and other such actions, are all encouraged if done in a legal manner. On a more personal note, in doing due diligence I have been allowed to review much of the existing "back room" documentation, and it is everything Art has stated and more. The failures of the Sirius system have been consistent and widespread, with documentation to support this, and which Art approached Sirius with from Day One. Records of this exist. I have instructed Art not to get into too much detail on this until such time as a final legal team and plan of action have been selected. Suffice to say, the other side frequents this website regularly, and it is wise not to show our hand until we decide to play it. 
In conclusion, all legal or other options are now being evaluated. Art will make a decision in the near future on how to proceed.

Immediately, there were joyful reactions--and also some users who doubted the authenticity of the message. The HORROR REPORT has done its due diligence in contacting the user on BELLGAB but at this time have not been given a response. Presumably, everyone needs to sleep at some point... So stay tuned, we will share whatever information we can in addition to the statement that was posted last night.

There were other posts, such as this and other other cryptic messages from a board user Coaster.. the user was alluding to actions he was privately doing all night, calls to Sirius XM, and work on Facebook and Twitter. A message that he wrote directly to Coast host George Noory was equally bizarre:
I cant say what I was trying to sdo, because, I get it. Noory reads this shit 24-7. wanna play chess? What would happen if a nobody whooped your ass today..
Things are getting 'schtrange.'

Meanwhile on Twitter, the hashtag FREEARTBELL is being tweeted in big numbers. The Sirius XM Facebook page is being overwhelmed by comments and users writing messages asking Sirius to unbind Bell from his non-compete clause.. Even Art Bell was grateful and surprised by the outpouring emotion..

There are images being made to support the phrase. And undoubtedly, videos are sure to follow..

Will Sirius XM release Bell? Will the users overwhelm the system?
The pirate flag has been raised...
The battle cry is born: #FREEARTBELL.