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As if the DARK MATTER exit could not get weirder...

Over the past 48 hours since the news of Art Bell's sudden departure from DARK MATTER was sinking in, fans turned on Bell and he took to the famed pages of BELLGAB.COM to defend himself...

And suddenly, George Noory entered the fray..

During a podcast hosted by BELLGAB's founder Michael Vandeven on UFOSHIP.COM, the one and only George Noory. Noory called into the show, surprising the hosts, and spoke direct about Art Bell. He said Bell jumped the gun by quitting Sirius XM so fast.. He also commented on his appreciation for the creator of Coast to Coast AM, denied poaching guests from DARK MATTER, and told a story of how he tried to assist with Airyn Bell's VISA issues several years ago.

The full audio of GABCAST can be found here.
The full audio of the portion with George Noory can be found here.

Or just play it here:


  1. Noory completely lied. On everything

  2. lol on eeeeverything!! be quiet Mr Anonymous

  3. It sounds like Dave himself came on here to say he lied on everything.

  4. George Noory is a class act, mature and reliable. He is also a very talented talk show host. Not everybody has to like him but he is good at what he does, and he is a man of character. (Pretty easy for folks to beat up on "that guy who isn't Art Bell")

  5. I heard the cast and he was authentic and very very forthright

  6. Like both shows! Like both men! Just wish they would quit the childish BS. There is room for both men and shows! Especially if they do more paranormal, hint, hint.

  7. I heard the John Hogue interview. I'm not pro John Hogue but always curious what he has to say. I've also heard Art Bell before doing interviews and thought he was really good. But did Art Bell just have a rotten night with John Hogue because Art Bell was atrocious in his manner. It was very uncomfortable as a listener. Unlike Whitley Strieber who I find fascinating at the route he leads his guest, Art Bell was totally disrespectful, curt and antagonistic. Maybe that was supposed to be the tenor for a show named "Dark Matter" because something "dark" sure seemed to have a presence with Art that evening. Naj

  8. Noory is lying-- they do poach guests and threaten them with no appearance at all.

  9. I just don't believe that, i can clearly read into the show, i have seen them give Art a lot of boosting when they didn't have to at all, its just a case of some people are just gonna hate without any real evidence, its just hear say and make belief, George is a class act all the way, he's pretty easy to read.

  10. BS, you made that up, i can clearly see he is being honest, if you had anything real to share, you would have shared it.

  11. Great interview, George. It's nice to hear your side of the story.


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