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How to properly quit Sirius XM radio: Don't sign up at all..

Art Bell was taken off INDIE 104. All of his shows for download have been deleted... with it all being over, I decided to end my Sirius XM Service.

If only it was just that easy..

First off.. I promised myself years ago to never sign up for satellite radio--then Art decided to host and I broke my terrestrial radio self-commandment.

After spending over a half hour on the phone, fighting about hidden fees and little early cancellation costs, I will command myself again: NEVER SIGN UP FOR PAY RADIO. I get that companies want to make money.. and I understand I am canceling before my 'one year of service.' And now they know that they have one of the worst companies ever--at least in terms of canceling service--that I have ever dealt with...

Here is the kicker that put me over the edge.. I was asked for an explanation on why I was quitting. I explained the obvious, very calm... The nice woman from somewhere on this planet asked if she wanted me to find shows similar to Dark Matter if it would help keep my service. I said sure, be my guest.

Six minutes later she came back and asked if I listen to music--obviously her search ended up in a Black Hole.   She put me on hold again.. when she came back, she said she wanted me to understand that me quitting is not her company's fault, but that is was "Clyde Lewis' own decision to end Ground Zero."
I was floored.

First off, I explained, Clyde Lewis didn't host DARK MATTER, and I further explained that there was a separate issue which forced Ground Zero off of satellite radio .. She was legitimately confused as to what I was saying.  I mean, if you're going to spout Jess-written talking points, at least don't get them confused with each other.
This also tells me some folks have been ending their service since Clyde Lewis is gone, too...

At a certain point, after my early fees and fees and fees and hidden fees and pretend costs, I ended up with $111.11 back--ironic since it was 11/11 that Art's shows had all been taken off of Sirius. BUT THEN she told me an extra $12 had to come off for some other reason.... I didn't even fight at this point. I just wanted my money back.. and they have it, and I want it.

And finally.. the final bombed dropped when I ended the call. She said, "thank you, and you should see your money in 10 to 15 business days."
Click. On her end.
I better get this money back.
I really better..


  1. ten bucks says you'll never see your money again. Or 6 bucks, since it's an early cancellation prediction.


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