GAGA did her thing tonight.. And apparently a lot of people hated it

She was crying too. Tears streamed silently down her face as she wailed, and viewers streamed silently out of the show. During the three minutes or so that Gaga was on screen more than 4,000 viewers exited and continued to do so as microphones cut in and out, cakes were mashed to uncover awards, and Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt were bleeped out for most of their unintelligible performance.
By the time the webcast was almost an hour in viewership had dropped from its peak of about 215,000 to a median of about 180,000. This for an event that 60 million people apparently voted for.
YouTube may break viral videos, but unless it tries harder next time it may not be able to break itself.  
There may have been a point to how she performed—she is performing the song like a junkie..
But this is the INTERNET baby! If people click off, it’s a loser.
However, in this case, they may be the losers… the performance is pretty darn good for purposely trying to sound bad.

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