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The #FreeArtBell campaign continues, now with music included

There have been no public developments in the campaign to have Sirius XM void the non compete clause that Art Bell signed with them, but it has not stopped the internet campaign to free Bell from the terms. And now Art Bell himself is joining the call!

For days, Twitter has exploded with the hashtag #FreeArtBell. It's meaning is simple: Campaign to have Sirius XM void the non compete and permit Art Bell to become an independent broadcaster and stream his own program on his own terms through his own website.

There has been speculation as to the exact terms of what the non compete clause says, but no one but a few have actually seen the minutia of the agreement. The HORROR REPORT spoke to an attorney familiar with the situation--the attorney who is advising Art Bell. The lawyer, who the HORROR REPORT will remain nameless at this time, has thirty years of experience and graduated from Notre Dame Law School. He has gained skills in contract law, and did work with employment law throughout his career. The information concerning the non compete and actions taking place are privileged and confidential--as they should be to effort an effective campaign to free Bell from the legal chains that confine him.

Meanwhile, Art Bell himself is working to extend the campaign to free himself from the agreement. Last night, he posted a video on his Facebook page that highlights his brief career and need to #free himself. The video was posted originally on the message board BELLGAB by a user named "SaucyRossy," and features the background music of DANCING QUEEN by ABBA with verbal snippets of why the campaign even began in the first place.

For your enjoyment and continued support of the #FreeArtBell movement, here is the video in full:


  1. why is art bell so whiny. he quit.

    Why would anyone want to keep Art Bell off the air?


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