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Tuesday terrors


A sampling of news from around the world.. For better or worse (You know what it normally is)

For those who did not listen last night, it was an amazing and important Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, titled "Camp for the useless Eaters" .. I really recommend you give it a listen..

I was moved to true emotion and sadness this morning looking at some images from the Philippines. I saw a photo, which I will not share due to the graphic nature, of a father holding his toddler in his arms.. he was weeping. She was dead.. he was taking her to the morgue. She was the victim of this tremendous disaster that will be the storm for the record books.. I cannot fathom the thoughts of what happened here.. I also cannot explain how angry I am at American media for their selfish attitude regarding news. They cover politics as though it matters.. they feed us trivial garbage, a steady diet of nonsense that spews from their talking head mouths. I dislike them not for who they are, but for who they pretend they are.. We don't get news. Thank God for the Internet. I am going to post some links at the bottom of this update that, if you want help, you can click on and send whatever..

The situation in the Philippines has been officially designated a 'calamity' by the government there..

Bodies in the Philippines are being piled high in the streets.. I have a big fear that 10,000 dead is an understatement.. I really fear this..
Anger is rising..
Planes that are carrying important aid are grounded because they are TOO BIG to land at the disaster zone's airport..
Photos of the wrath..
Even more disaster: Earthquake rattles the area hit by superstorm Haiyan..
There are also warnings coming that mudslides may be the next disaster that will unfold for this poor people..

Once again: I was amazed this morning: Tens of thousands potentially dead in the Philippines, China lost a lot of farms from the same storm, another storm kills hundreds in Somalia.. and the top story on the big three network morning news shows? The 'cold' in the United States and the coating of snow that some people got--a coating! It's November. It gets cold. And it snows. Sometimes there's cold November rain, so say the Guns N Roses. Sometimes snow. Either way, there was no coverage of the unfolding disaster in other nations. But other nations know what goes on in America--we just don't know what goes on there.. Sickening, news media..sickening.

* * * *
Sea turtles dying in Central America..

Record number of dolphins dying along the East Coast.. I have not seen any expert tie this in the with Gulf oil disaster from a few years ago.. Could this be the effects along the Atlantic coastline finally being felt?

This is the new America: Street lights shine in the night--and also watch your every move and listen to your every word..

A new look inside chicken McNuggets by a professor of medicine Richard deShazo. He described the 'food' as edible super glue, confirming may reports that the processed pieces of 'meatlike' substance is more cartilage, skeletal muscle, intestinal tissue, organ tissue, fat, blood vessels, and bone fragments than meat. And if you really want to see inside the food you're eating, here's some images and for $30 bucks, you can purchase the full medical study..

Scientists puzzled by lack of sunspots..

Philadelphia police investigate Instagram account that labels crime witnesses as rats..

Monsanto buys climate corp for $930 mil.

Fever: Beebs blame food poisoning for reason he walked off stage.
He was also booed by fans..

Lady Gaga will be first artist to perform in space...

Why some refuse to believe in the paranormal..

Games: 'PARANORMAL' has a frightening potential..

Painful protest: Artist Pyotr Pavlensky nails his testicles to Red Square!

A Welsh family is sick of living on Butt Hole Road. They are attempting to rename it Button Hole Road.
I myself like the Butt Hole part, maybe just rename if "Circle."


The Red Cross has a Philippine website
PH peso (PhP) account for humanitarian emergencies:Account Name: Community and Family Services International
Account Number: 6735-0500-18
Bank Name: BPI Family Bank
Bank Address: Legaspi-Amorsolo Branch, G/F Filomena Bldg., 104 Amorsolo St. Makati City, Philippines
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
US dollar (USD) account for humanitarian emergencies:Account Name: Community and Family Services International
Account Number: 6734-0077-63
Bank Name: BPI Family Bank
Bank Address: Legaspi-Amorsolo Branch, G/F Filomena Bldg., 104 Amorsolo St. Makati City, Philippines
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM




I already notice some yellow and orange showing on the once green trees. Life is like this.. it comes and goes.. and even though the oppressive heat and humidity of summer 2012 was not something you can miss, you'll end up missing it once the cold winds begin to bite ..

The first workday of September (unless you work weekends), news of the world:

There is no investigation planned into Michael Clarke Duncan's death..

Celebrity world mouns death of the gentle giant Duncan..

Hollywood stunned at Duncan's demise..

Duncan was also the star of an upcoming horror film called THE SIBLING..

The future is now: Chinese scientists unveil 'mind-controlled' drone!

The swarm of earthquakes taking place in California continues.. now it strikes Beverly Hills with a 3.3..

Indonesia warns of eruption of volcano..

Syria continues to degrade into atrocity and chaos..

Frustrated new labor leader throws empty cha…

Fires and floods, estrogen and beer: Your Friday the 13th update