Let the paranormal begin! The blood wolf moon rises



Christmas should not be as scary a season as Halloween, but this year it is. The calender is beginning to haunt me. Every day I look at it, I realize how much closer we are to the magical day when gifts are open and turkeys and hams are eaten--and how unprepared for the pagan celebration I truly am. Hopefully that changes this week with a paycheck and some bargain outlets. And maybe a few nice stores in between.. Nothing too wild. After all, my son likes cardboard boxes better than the gifts they house at this point, anyway. Not sure if that same logic works for the rest of the family, though. It better be a really nice cardboard box..

Now onto the news. Cold and icy.

TIME MAGAZINE will name its person of the year this week. Without having any inside information, I predict it will be Edward Snowden. Could be wrong. They may pick Miley. (She's on the short list)

British media reports a wonderful article about the United States, the struggle of rich vs poor, and how there are two Americas.. Do you agree with the GUARDIAN article? Did capitalism lose its sight of its social compact? Did greed run amuck? Are there two Americas? John Edwards sure thought so. But there were also two John Edwards..

How to spot if someone is dangerous: Body language..

XMAS: Santa was real ..Got into a debate with friends about what I should tell my son, Ayden, about Santa now that he is of sound mind to believe in Christmas tales. One camp said go for the gusto and get 'all in' with the Santa story. Another actually said don't do it to him. My thought: Saint Nicholas was a real person, and here's his bio..

The 'ghost' of the 1929 market crash reappears..

If you play WORLD OF WARCRAFT and other games, chances are you were joined by a spy gathering intelligence.. really. Hope you at least won..

Changes: A warning that winter storms will be deadly for the next 30 years..

A sinkhole swallows a car in Cali..

Remember a few weeks ago, we reported that there was a new island created as a result of a strong undersea volcanoes near Japan? Well now it has grown 3.7 times bigger..

Scottish singer Susan Boyle has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism

The best horror movie Christmas films..

GRAVITY a favorite for movie of the year from critics..

FROZEN tops box..

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