Moon grown and good.

Would you eat a carrot grown no the moon? The question is, at this time, would a carrot even grow on the moon?

NASA is exploring the notion that we will one day, in the distant future perhaps, live on our satellite. And in doing so, they are also set to experiment with the possibility of growing food on it.
And the DAILY MAIL reports that experts think if plants can survive there, humans can too.
It all takes place in 2015. 
The real question humans should ask themselves: Where are we going to start putting all of our garbage? Our cans, our boxes.. our plastic.. and our dreaded Styrofoam?  I think it’s high time, with all these planets KEPLER has been finding, to get a big rocket ship and do daily deliveries of our trash to foreign lands. Perhaps that planet made of glass! Or maybe the one that is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit! I know, we can send them into the black hole that is glowing with bright light!
Come on humans.. aren’t we tired of ruining our own planet with trinkets and useless trash?! Is it not time to branch out and ruin foreign and distant planets? It’s the human way! Reach out and touch the stars, and secretly throw your old McDonalds bag of rubbish out the window when no one’s looking. 
But in the mean time, we’ll take it slow. First up: GROW FOOD ON THE MOON!
It’s a small step for plants, a giant leap for plant kind.
Good luck with that.

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