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The Sunday morning sidewalk..

BREATHE DEEPLY. Everything will be OK.

South Africa says farewell to Nelson Mandella..

Jay Z year: Nine Grammy nominations..
Horror movie with 'Freddy' being filmed in Northeast Ohio..

Sunday ice storm set to hit Northeast..

Lady Gaga wants Olympics boycott..

Does one botched study mean GMO foods are safe?

There is this thought that creative and inspirational thinking will get you far. Not so. Apparently America rejects creative thinking..

The 10 rules of surveillance dystopia..

Myth busted: Sharks do get cancer..

Ocean changes: Making fish anxious..

Vast amounts of freshwater found in the ocean..

Geoscientists estimate that sea levels along the New Jersey shore will rise 1.5 feet by 2050 and 3 feet by 2100 - levels up to 15 inches higher than average global sea level rise projections through the end of the century.

Interesting article from the NEW REPUBLIC: NETFLIX has a plan to rewire our entire culture. That's fine, NETFLIX. I pay for you. But please stop taking off movies that I grow to enjoy being on there.. and stop taking away all the 1980s HE-MAN seasons just when I get my three year old to accept them and their 1980s-style greatness!

Kim Basinger turns 60..

BUFFY famed Dave Goddard to write for DAREDEVIL TV series.. So will there be a musical episode?

Katie Perry's Christmas gift at the Jingle Bell Ball..

FROZEN and CATCHING FIRE hot at box..

"BEWARE THE NIGHT" .. Terminator gets a title..

Haley Berry inspired CATWOMAN game coming.. Hopefully for their sake it is more popular than the Berry film..

Robert Englund to star in FEAR CLINIC..



Joe Rogan talks Whitley Streiber

Joe Rogan and Dennis McKenna discuss possible explanations for alien encounters. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast


Heather Wade announced that she was going to go to Area 51 this coming June.. People have been responding fast and furious, with some stating she is in danger of being arrested--or even killed!

Talk show legend and original MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT host Art Bell is responding in kind to people on Facebook..

What Heather is doing is a brave act. For all my life people have talked Disclosure and talked and talked. I have no illusion that she will get to any Alien anything but at least she feels the need to do something, anything to move beyond talk and raise the stakes in trying to get to the truth. If we have been visited (and I believe we have) we have a right to know. It seems to me we have a moral right to know, will it change people’s basic faith? Not any more than the Pope suddenly being quoted as saying “There is no Hell”. We have a right to know, she is right and if a act of Civil Disobedience helps I am all for it.
On acts of civil disobedience..

Not much has ever happened in Amer…

Happy solstice

Around 25,000 people watched the sun rise across Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice this morning - an occasion that is said to have been celebrated for thousands of years at the ancient prehistoric site..

The longest day of the year.
The most beautifully long day of the year…