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Twas a week before the day after Christmas, and all through the house, not a gift was purchased.. and none for the spouse.
Today is the day. I have off from my work life, and my personal life seems a little more stable. Time to hit the malls.
Cannot say I am abundant overjoyed.. Instead I'm anxious and cautious.
Could be worse.
The HORROR REPORT dog Mutley is being 'fixed' today. I took Bob Barker's advice.

Onto the news..

If you're planning on having fish for Christmas, maybe you should get some from FUKUSHIMA! CBS 60 MINUTES may tell you it's your best option.. Here's a leaked emails that could be fun to read..

Bad Santa: Target says 40 million card accounts could be breached in big hack attack..

Chitwan farmers protest Monsanto seeds..

Pooty Poot has "Obama envy"..

I think one day we will find out that Dennis Rodman is a paid secret intelligent asset of the United States government.. today is is again in North Korea to 'see a friend.' He seems to go see that friend every time Lil Kim tries to end the world or cause destruction, the latest is an execution..
This time though, we are told in press releases, that he's there to train the Pyongyang basketball team.
Good luck Dennis. Save the world.

Is this graphic video a hoax or a true Russian alien autopsy from the 1960s? There are new twists in the story of the decades old supposed Sverdlovsk crash of a UFO.. And even if it's not real, the video is quite graphic..

Snooki goes to Pennhurst.. 

Inside one man's quest to look just like Justin Bieber..

Sasha Fierce? Beyonce scores #1 and makes Billboard history..

Megan Fox says she never tips less than $20. (that's it!?)

Rumors: Joaquin Phoenix may play Lex Luther in new BATMAN VS SUPERMAN film..

DUCK DYNASTY star says being gay is illogical, and desiring a vagina is more sensible than a man's anus. And with that, Phil Robertson has been put on hiatus..

Paul Rudd to play ANT MAN..




New Year's Eve.. Rockin' without Dick Clark in '13

Welcome to the final minutes of the year 2012. Yes. Already. It was so looked forward to, and it is ending so quickly...

It's minus Dick Clark this year, though. And that is notable. Fergie is showering ABC viewers tonight in the pre-game with Dick Clark related footage. Donna Summers is playing while the Doors are swaying. Yes, it's a stroll down amnesia lane in the fast lane. Dick Clarkless 2013. No countdown with the master of Times Square this year.

The show goes on, of course. With Ryan Seacrest to help. Before Seacrest will be 'out' there will be a number of events that occur. A massive ball will drop in Times Square. Revelers will kiss their hearts out.. then race for port-a-potties and their hotel rooms. Maybe stop by a pub and have a cup of cheer..

All around the world, the events are taking place. Some places on Earth are already 2013. The Pope will have a homily about how peace could be achieved. Fireworks will fly high into the night sky.. People will embrace …

Neve Campbell laments her post-SCREAM life: I was constantly being offered horror films, because I was known for horror films, or bad romantic comedies

Neve Campbell Confirms Her 'Scream' Notoriety Inspired Her Decision to Leave Hollywood »

“I needed a minute. In my 20s, it all hit so fast and so big that it was a little overwhelming,” Campbell shared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “Wonderful, obviously, and I’m very grateful for it, but it got to a level, also, where the kinds of things that I was being offered were not the things I wanted to do. I was constantly being offered horror films, because I was known for horror films, or bad romantic comedies.”

And this week she will be jumping out of building with the Rock in theaters ..

All 'scream queens' have gone through a period of confusion, denial.. acceptance. And now for Jamie Lee Curtis 40 years after her introduction to movies via being chased by killer Michael Myers, she is back for a final round.. 
Just as Campbell came home for the final SCREAM..