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Weird timing.. of time slips

My father is still receiving hospital care, but his situation has improved over the past 24 hours—greatly. Hopefully those encouraging circumstances continue..and maybe he will have a great Christmas surrounded by a thankful family at the dinner table in 2013.

Meanwhile, my personal insanity continues. This whole business I have been writing about, concerning time slips, Nelson Mandela, and other weird momentary lapses of common sense, is continuous. My sister had a flashback to a previous life. I had a garbled phone call with my mother in which it sounded like a million voices chattering at once—the call was followed by me seeing a vision of a meteor while my mom told me to make a wish without knowing I was seeing anything. 

Yes, all things could be chalked up to coincidental oddities.. Weird events are peppered through a seemingly normal life. What we need to discover is if those odd events are odd just because they are, or because they are a part of another pattern of existence.
I am truly fascinated by ‘time’ .. and the way we perceive it. 
Last night, while my family and I were at my father’s bedside quietly speaking, I tuned in to a very listenable Coast to Coast AM NOT hosted by George Noory, but instead Dave Schrader. It was so good I volunteered to m make a 3AM Dunkin Donuts run for the family so I could get some alone time with paranormal radio. The open lines portion of the program was the best part.. callers thinking that Kirk Douglas was dead..callers expressing their opinions on the Mandela Affect—something I have written about in recent days due to my own perceptions of deja vu and parallel timelines converging for a few short seconds. I recommend the final two hours of the program. It got me through a long winter’s night of hospital silence..
I am inspired to venture further down this road of time. Multiple universes? Dimensions.. a potential infinite number of infinities in 10 or more dimensions.. 
So much to try to understand. I have a mission now. Discover something about things I never knew.
Is there a God?
If there are an infinite number of potential universes with an infinite number of infinities, then there’s a chance in one of those there IS a God. Maybe this one.
I don’t know.
But with improving health, my father’s situation could be attributed to a God. Maybe.

Time..of the essence and the essence itself.


  1. Hoping things get better for you, I know the feeling. My week went from crap to great all in a day. As for a god, I can't buy into it for t he very reason you listed. Infinity on so many levels negates the idea of a god for me, just seems silly seeing how small we really are. But again, best wishies, hope your father is doing better.


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