A winter crisis in Atlanta

This is from a CNN news alert moments ago:
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said National Guard troops and state police will escort buses to take home some 2,400 children stuck in Atlanta-area schools after Tuesday's snowstorm that paralyzed area roads.

The students will be "transported as soon as possible back to their homes," Deal said.

Deal said the state government will close again on Thursday because of treacherous road conditions. He asked people to stay off the roads to give crews time to clear them.

One person died and 130 were injured in Georgia in Tuesday's storm. At least 1,254 accidents were reported.

Even worse, residents have been told to tweet police to be rescued!

Some people slept on grocery stores.. Many abandoned their cars..

Yes the South rarely gets snow, but they do have emergency management agencies—agencies that had a fair amount of warning on how dangerous this event would be. Hindsight is 20/39 but when it comes to the safety of children, overdoing it is forgivable. They should have been better prepared

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