oys ‘R’ Us informed employees on Wednesday that it will close or sell all of its more than 700 U.S. stores amid mounting debt and years of declining sales, according to a report. ..
MORE: David Brandon, CEO of the Wayne, New Jersey-based toy retailer, broke the news to employees at the company’s headquarters. Toys ‘R’ Us’s impending liquidation could result in as many as 33,000 layoffs, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company will file paperwork related to the liquidation of its U.S. division on Wednesday night ahead of a bankruptcy court hearing on Thursday, the report added.

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Angry birds eye view

NSA spying through Angry Birds »

Most of America seemed to just disregard months of information about the Edward Snowden leaks.. Spying? eh.. surveillance? whattava.. Listening through my phone? Figured.
It’s true!
According to some earth shattering information being revealed now, Edward Snowden’s leaked documents show that the NSA is spying on people through the popular game ANGRY BIRDS. 
Damage control now:
Angry Birds maker Rovio said it had no knowledge of any NSA or GCHQ programs or mechanisms for tapping into its users’ data.
"Rovio doesn’t have any previous knowledge of this matter, and have not been aware of such activity in 3rd party advertising networks," said Saara Bergstrom, Rovio’s VP of marketing and communications. "Nor do we have any involvement with the organizations you mentioned [NSA and GCHQ]."
But the damage is already done. The Black Bomb Bird already struck. But will you delete? Or just keep playing until you finish the game?