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Move over Grays. The Tall Whites run it all

The Tall Whites run it all…

You may have heard a huge deal of ‘news’ concerning what Iran has reported about who reportedly runs the United States: The Tall Whites, an alien species long talked about by UFOlogists.
This may take some time, and a suspension of logic. I will attempt an explanation..
Fars News Agency in Iran—the nation the President just made a controversial deal with—apparently reported that released Edward Snowden documents say that the alien species the tall whites have run the United States since 1945..You can read the English translation of the story here.. Apparently the Fars agency took some information from a January 11 2014 posting by the website .. and after reading, I still am not quite sure what it means.  
There’s more..
A few days ago—before the Iranians reported the bombshell tidbit—former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer went onto Russia Today saying that the tall whites have been behind lots of things, but that 80 alien species (that we know of) exist. You can read more here on that one..
Supposedly these documents also say that Dwight Eisenhower met with aliens in the 1950s … If you’re a fan or former listener of Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, you may recall John Lear appeared on his show to explain what he claimed he know of this famed alien visit.. Among the interesting things, the claims Lear said were to avoid the ‘light’ when you died, that there is no God, and that Eisenhower so feared the idea that Americans would find out there’s no God, that he mandated ‘In God We Trust’ be put on all coins.. You can hear that interview here if you have ten minutes..
Just last week, Clyde Lewis had a Ground Zero radio show featuring the Tall Whites as a main topic—the idea that this species has been heavily involved with shaping the world’s events…
Today, most sources laughed at the Fars agency report about the tall whites.. FORBES, CNN, all the rest, had a good chuckle about the notion that aliens were even existent.. 
Here is where things get murky — as if what you already read wasn’t murky enough, right?
I searched some terms from the report about the supposed Snowden documents about the purported tall whites (lots of purportions being done here) but I could not find much of any actual source .. For example, I search this term, which appears in the original WHATDOESITMEAN report:
Could not find anything.. Nadda. 
So the proof of this report is pretty much zilch.
Unless there’s a useful website out there, somewhere, with a copy of an actual document states something.. 
I have seen some folks who have stunned me in their height—and whiteness.. but at this point I’m not in the Lear/Hellyer camp. 
A good abduction obviously would convince me otherwise.



STRANGER THINGS 2 looks incredible

The newest STRANGER THINGS 2 trailer hit on Friday the 13th .. amazing timing as always with the fine people at Netflix..

The excitement over this program is incredible. Not only are people re-watching and re-binging the first season in preparation, but there is an equal amount of re-watching and analyzing of the newest trailers..

Before discussion.. take a glance:

My initial thought: This is actually the weaker of the teasers and trailers for season 2.. Yes, I am inclined to wonder why Eleven is more androgynous  .. why she has more hair now and no one shaved it. why she is out of the upside down and eating Eggos in the normal world..

So many questions about her. But the trailer didn't pay much attention to her--I think on purpose. Instead we glimpsed into the post-pubescent boys and now new friends of another gender planning something, just as the world is being taken over by giant squid creatures from the upside down.

Not viewed at all? Mike's mom and dad. Barb..

Forgive me…


Yes, indeed.. a hurricane-ish type storm is about to hit Ireland..

Hurricane Ophelia is the 10th consecutive hurricane to form in the Atlantic basin this year. According to University of Miami hurricane expert Brian McNoldy, the last time ten consecutive storms became a hurricane was 1893. While a very interesting factoid, the "elephant in the room" is that Ophelia is headed to Ireland. It is rare, but not unprecedented.

There are a few interesting things about this.. First off, there have been really rare occasions that storms of this nature made it as far as Ophelia may..

Actually there have been only a handful in the past years since about, oh, 1851..

From 1851 to 2010, only 10 extratropical storms, typically the tail ends of tropical cyclones, have hit within 200 miles (322 kilometers) of Ireland....Hurricane Debbie was the only tropical hurricane to make landfall in that area, clipping the far northwest of the British Isles in 1961.

But this is 2017--the year that mayhem on …