Saturday night auditions on Coast to Coast AM

The sudden departure of John B. Wells from Coast to Coast AM's Saturday night slot has created a void. Last night, in hopes on plugging the leaking dike, George Noory announced that there will not be a permanent host at this time, but that instead guests will be asked to fill in ..

Noory commented that Wells left to 'fulfill his dream' of having his own radio show--though some messages by Wells on his own Facebook pages left an impression that it was Coast's decision to terminate him from broadcasting.

Noory went on to speculate that fill ins like George Knapp, Dave Schrader, and Rob Simone will assume the helm on Saturdays. While a permanent replacement may eventually be chosen, it will not happen at this time.

Looks like auditions are in full bloom on Saturday nights.

Some on BELLGAB and other message boards have speculated that a drop in ratings led Premiere Radio to can Wells from the gig.  Recent numbers indicated that Coast ranked 14th place with a little over 3 million listeners, compared to Art Bell's time of 14 million and 4th place. Even more, a number of people become perplexed as to why the show, typically apolitical since Bell's hosting days, took a toxic political turn on Saturday nights with John Wells.

Last night, Noory addressed that very issue, though in a roundabout way. Noory said that the program, while thanking Wells for hosting, was going 'back to its roots' on Saturdays and focusing on the unusual and paranormal.

John B. Wells will begin his own online radio program next week, called the Caravan to Midnight. Ironically, the 'Midnight' show will air during afternoons on weekdays. It appears the program will feature heavy hitting topics like Fukushima radiation and gun rights, topics that Wells always tried his best to get on his Saturday Coast shows.

The reaction to Wells' departure has been interesting, to say the least. While some who were with the program since Art Bell did not like the Wells style, it appears they have more in common with Wells' fans than they'd like to admit. Both Wells and Bell left Coast under mysterious circumstances. Both have fan bases that said, or are saying, they will leave the program altogether because their favorite host has vanished. And both sets of fans, though different in nature, have taken to BELLGAB to criticize Premiere Radio and George Noory about the handling of the situations.

Wells would typically tell listeners to grab a proper cup of their own tea when listening to his Saturday program.
Perhaps one of the most poignant responses was from a Twitter user who, when responded to Coast's new updated weekly schedule lacking Wells, posted a photograph of a cup of tea. 

We do know this: Regardless of what happened with Coast or what happens on Wells' caravan, he will always have a home in Alex Jones' prison planet..


  1. Well if Noory wants to talk about the unusual and paranormal maybe he should talk about his Toupee :) :) That definitely is unusual and paranormal. I'm done with C2C, I dislike Noory and I am sick of him monopolizing the show. The only reason I listened to C2C was b/c of John B Wells....goodbye to C2C and hello to Caravan to Midnight.

  2. I second that!!! I've been a Coast listener since the days of Mr Bell. After Art left..I tuned-in basically only on weekends..and loved, loved having a 'proper-cup-of-tea' with Mr Wells.

    Now that John B is am I. Not a fan of Noory..Adios!

  3. Good comments, Anonymous
    I liked, Bell, like John Wells. My observations on Noory is basically that he has no core value though he feigns it. His obsession with being friends with the devil and engaging with demonic activity attest to his egotistical sense of spiritual authority and superiority. He's a baby playing in an alligator pond. He is purely in it to corrupt the minds of people into believing all this new age crapola has merit. Unfortunately, his smooth radio mannerism is sucking a lot of lost souls in and all that buy into his soft peddled deception are solidifying his appointment as the official representative of and apologist for the coming antichrist- though he attempts to masquerade himself as a benevolent one. This guy is a major deceiver who offers up tidbit time slots for occasional real Christian or very conservative guests to appear to be an open minded, God fearing sort. Of course, I am biased because I am Christian, but the show does have some interesting people of knowledge on sufficiently enough to tune it in in hopes of hearing them and flipping the dial if he goes wacky with the vibrationist new agers, the talking to dead wackos and the shadow people fanatics.


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