Sepsis can’t keep him down: Knapp speaks

About a week ago, I posted a quick update on what I knew of George Knapp, ace reporter and Coast to Coast AM part time host.. Then, I said he had sepsis and it nearly killed him. Last night, Knapp took to Facebook to explain more in-depth his personal life (something out of the ordinary for him, he typically keeps his personal personal) .. Knapp wrote, 

I returned to the TV airwaves tonight for the first time in a month. I would not normally talk about private stuff in a public setting like this one, but wanted to say thanks to all of those who sent messages of support over the past weeks. 
Back in early December, I came down with something called sepsis, a blood infection, and it damned near did me in. If my wife hadn’t managed to get a doctor to prescribe some meds without actually seeing me, I would not be here to talk about it. Had to cancel several radio shows and newspaper columns, along with assorted I Team stories we were working on but am now back on the job, appreciative of all the kind words sent to me by people who figured out that something was amiss.
Anyone who had sepsis or knows  of its effects can testify to what Knapp said: It is so often deadly.. 
Thank God he’s still here—not just because he reports in a fair and accurate manner and had some amazing Coast to Coast AM shows—but because he seems like a genuine great guy.. 
Thanks to Mrs. Knapp for doing what she did.. 
And hopefully we will hear him again soon on a national radio program late in the night..

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