The scariest potentially real exorcism story ever told

Forget Hollywood! A real story today is surfacing from Gary Indiana.. Somewhat credible news sources (I kid the DAILY NEWS, really I do) like the New York daily news have reported on the Latoya Ammons story..

The The Indy STAR first reported on the matter and the incredible instances..

Ammons says that her family has been possessed by demons since moving into their home in Gary Indiana .. According to the STAR report, medical staff have confirmed that the Ammons children were levitating and walking on walls in a hospital!

From the STAR:
Gary police Capt. Charles Austin said it was the strangest story he had ever heard.

Austin, a 36-year veteran of the Gary Police Department, said he initially thought Indianapolis resident Latoya Ammons and her family concocted an elaborate tale as a way to make money. But after several visits to their home and interviews with witnesses, Austin said simply, "I am a believer."

It all started with flies. It ended with exorcisms. And there a lot of very intense things in between.

Before judging the story as an attempt to get movie makers to find the Ammons, I suggest you read the story in its entirety first..

The most important thing to realize: Very competent and professional people seem to be in agreement that something dark and sinister haunted this family.. I did myself, at this point, to be much less skeptical than I was when I first saw the headlines..amazing story to start a terror Tuesday..

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