Midnight in the desert.. midday for the Caravan to Midnight

A lot of people are lamenting the termination of John B Wells, including Dave Hodges, who wrote this article, titled "John B. Wells Fired for Being Too Popular and Truthful" »

Dave Hodges from the ‘Common sense show’ also interviewed Wells..
I get that Noory is probably the worst host of Coast that could have been chosen after Art Bell relinquished the throne of AM talk show phenom.. But Wells was particularly divisive, especially after Ian Punnett left Saturday nights with a history of weird topics as opposed to controversial. 
I received lots of emails concerning Wells’ departure.. most were praising him and angry at Premiere Radio.
Interestingly enough, many Wells fans suddenly seem to have lots in common with Art Bell fans—maybe not politics but hatred of Premiere Radio over how they treated their favorite voice of the late night air waves..
My take on Wells: When he was good, he was ok.. when he was bad, he was horrible. However, he showed much improvement over the years since he began, and even began to accept some Coast to Coast AM subjects with open arms, such as aliens.. he even did the voiceovers for UNSEALED ALIEN FILES, the weird show you can find on your local TV networks late at night when you can’t sleep..
According to the COMMON SENSE report, and other numbers I saw, Coast on Saturdays with Wells was pulling in over a million people. And sometimes, even as Wells himself bragged, he was getting more listeners on a Saturday night than Noory would get all week put together.
And the most telling perhaps was an interview Wells gave immediately after he was notified of his termination. He admitted that he only talked to George Noory one time, and that it was for one minute. Nothing else since then.. 
Humility is not on display with L.A. Noory. 
Perhaps instead, Noory wanted to displace any competition from within..

The chances of Wells’ success leading to him as a full time host may have been less than possible, especially with Wells’ propelling some away with his Alex Jones lite beliefs, such as wondering aloud of the Sandy Hook massacre was a conspiracy to take guns..But nonetheless, Coast to Coast with George Noory does not want to be known as the same show with John Wells. And that is exactly what it was becoming…
One interesting thing Wells has said..despite his apparent lack of in depth understanding of the paranormal, he has stated hinted that Premiere Radio wants to “own” the paranormal.. and in that sense water it down and present it in their terms, and not the terms that a once great Art Bell would have..  It’s an interesting concept. Wells may have picked up on the big picture..
He is now going on in life to host his own internet show called the CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT. Sadly it will be on during the midday—and also sadly for him, his show has been marred with technical difficulties that has stopped him from broadcasting when he said he would. Some say Premiere conspired against him.. Some said the same for Art Bell when suddenly, out of no where, Sirius radio announced that Coast would take over Bell’s spot after his short stint on satellite..
Premiere and conservative radio is a big Juggernaut. Premiere may be happy with the lunatics and drunks that listen to Noory.. and maybe they were getting a little unsettled with the knowledgeable and questioning souls that tuned into Wells..
And Art Bell? Well..he plans on coming back in 2015 with his own online show. Maybe it won’t be a Caravan to Midnight.. but it’s always midnight in the desert…

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