Snowstorm rantings

There is a major snowstorm taking place outside my window.. And my daily newspaper wasn't very helpful in bringing hope for the spring season. I have a somewhat more personal blog called COAL SPEAKER, and I wrote about my thoughts on the dying area that I live in, the coal region of Pennsylvania. Give it a shot if you're interested.. it's certainly something that hits home for me..

But there's other news in the world, too..

Blizzard conditions ..
Major winter storm slams..

The snowstorm couldn't be coming at a worse time for flower delivery people in the Northeast.. how will they get their roses delivered on time!? I suspect many people will opt for the TURKEY HILL experience--a dozen roses for just $19.99, just find the vase you gave from last year.

Get ready: A Comcast mega deal is coming.. they are buying TIME WARNER, if all goes well..

Belgium may allow kids to kill themselves..

Best Valentine's Day horror movies..

And .. Five horror movies to AVOID on Valentine's Day..


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