The Sunday morning sidewalk

The sidewalk is cold and covered with snow.. They say a warm up is coming. I fear the warmup won't last longer than a few days, though.. it's just been too cold and snowy to break that pattern rapidly..Sometimes weather is dramatic, but patterns get really difficult to break. Backs get broken easily when snowing feet of snow, though. And on that note: Another one is coming.
For anyone in the white shaded area—you know, the folks who have feet of snow on the ground—this is a scary image. It’s another ‘little’ storm coming for Monday into Tuesday..  Shovels and plows need to get ready one more time.
So is the news.
So get ready for that.

Sochi score: Finally a moment that the United States can be proud of as they win in a shootout with the Russian Ice Hockey team.

The future is now: VICE interviewed a man who wants to download brains..

This is a disturbing story (too close to my own home base as well for my comfort) .. Nineteen-year-old Satanist Miranda Barbour said she and her 22-year-old husband killed a man in Port Treverton, PA in a sadistic way.. she also just gave an interview to the local newspaper, the DAILY ITEM, that quotes her commenting that she killed 22 people across the country so far in a Satanist romp.. She told the paper she can pinpoint them on a map and 'stopped counting' after 22 deaths.. According to the paper, the FBI has been inquiring into the case, giving some more credibility to her claims of multiple killings.. A disturbing read..  The story is also making national attention -- it is another example of why you should be very careful on Craigslist (FOX NEWS source)

The sky is falling again: Another expired spy satellite will crash to Earth.. A Sunday impact coming..

1 in 4 Americans do NOT KNOW that the earth circles the sun.. Not sure how many of the 1 in 4 also think the earth is flat.. (and 6000 years old) ..

"Humanoid" scares bikers..

Freak wave hits cruise ship..

The mystery rock on Mars solved: Scientists say it's a piece of a larger rock that broke and was moved by the Rover..

This is not the way everyone wants to start a Sunday, but here you go: Miley Cyrus' new BANGERZ TOUR starting off with a large hot dog and lots of crotch grabbing.. 

Paper: Miley Cyrus: From Foam finger to laughing stock..

New dawn, new midnight: TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon set to kick off..

Kendall Jenner nipple photo at fashion show deleted by INSTAGRAM ..

There is a paranormal activity lab at the University of Virginia..

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