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A Case of the Paddy's

Last night I posted something that has been getting re-posted for a long time on my personal Facebook page: It was from CRACKED, and it was the '8 insulting ways people act 'Irish' on St. Patrick's Day'.. What sort of astounded me was the reaction it got from someone.. She was hardcore angry over the content. She is Irish, I am just about 50% if you would measure me, so I offered up the article because a friend of mine did and I found it interesting... 

But her ferocious outrage and indignation with the article was obvious from her lengthy post about the author .. corned beef.. and cabbage.  Perhaps I should have linked up this article by Seamus McKiernan on the HUFFINGTON POST. He has dual citizenship, here in the United States and also in Ireland. He is not celebrating St. Patrick's Day because he fears that the events occurring at local watering holes and parades across the US of A have become a 'cartoonish' farce..  He also pointed out that St. Patrick's colors were blue, not green.. and that the good Irish saint may not have even been Irish!

The HUFFINGTON POST isn't done yet.. another blogger, Bill Stieger, writes about the American version of drinking the holiday to death.. He says,
"Do you think I exaggerate? Read the messages on the horrific buttons and sweatshirts these revelers wear to degrade the tribe: "10 percent Irish/90 percent beer," or "Member of the official Irish drinking team!" Check out pervy intonations, like "Erin Go Braghless," or "Kiss my Shamrocks," or my favorite of all: "I'm starting a drunken brawl with the first person who stereotypes the Irish." I mean, please!
Can you name another ethnic group so bent on its own self abasement? Imagine any other culture or ethnic group frolicking in costumes and behaving in a manner that perpetuates the stereotypes of bigots. None do it. But Irish Americans insist on acting like the clowns at their own circus."

For the purpose of appeasing all readers, I'll keep Irish related content to a minimum this March 17th. But my font will still be green because blue just doesn't seem right.. Hopefully that will not offend anyone Irish or not.




New Year's Eve.. Rockin' without Dick Clark in '13

Welcome to the final minutes of the year 2012. Yes. Already. It was so looked forward to, and it is ending so quickly...

It's minus Dick Clark this year, though. And that is notable. Fergie is showering ABC viewers tonight in the pre-game with Dick Clark related footage. Donna Summers is playing while the Doors are swaying. Yes, it's a stroll down amnesia lane in the fast lane. Dick Clarkless 2013. No countdown with the master of Times Square this year.

The show goes on, of course. With Ryan Seacrest to help. Before Seacrest will be 'out' there will be a number of events that occur. A massive ball will drop in Times Square. Revelers will kiss their hearts out.. then race for port-a-potties and their hotel rooms. Maybe stop by a pub and have a cup of cheer..

All around the world, the events are taking place. Some places on Earth are already 2013. The Pope will have a homily about how peace could be achieved. Fireworks will fly high into the night sky.. People will embrace …

Neve Campbell laments her post-SCREAM life: I was constantly being offered horror films, because I was known for horror films, or bad romantic comedies

Neve Campbell Confirms Her 'Scream' Notoriety Inspired Her Decision to Leave Hollywood »

“I needed a minute. In my 20s, it all hit so fast and so big that it was a little overwhelming,” Campbell shared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “Wonderful, obviously, and I’m very grateful for it, but it got to a level, also, where the kinds of things that I was being offered were not the things I wanted to do. I was constantly being offered horror films, because I was known for horror films, or bad romantic comedies.”

And this week she will be jumping out of building with the Rock in theaters ..

All 'scream queens' have gone through a period of confusion, denial.. acceptance. And now for Jamie Lee Curtis 40 years after her introduction to movies via being chased by killer Michael Myers, she is back for a final round.. 
Just as Campbell came home for the final SCREAM..