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"We have no idea what happened to this plane"

NBC news reports on a plane lost:
A Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 239 people has lost contact with air traffic control and was still missing two hours after it was supposed to have landed in Beijing, the airline said Saturday morning.

The airline told NBC News that a search-and-rescue mission was under way for Flight MH370, a Boeing 777-200, but it said it had no further information.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur, carrying 227 passengers, including two infants, and 12 crew members, had been scheduled to land at 6:30 a.m. in Beijing (5:30 p.m. ET Friday).

Boeing told CNBC it was aware of the report and was monitoring the situation.
While it may be a safe assumption that a missing plane is a crashed plane, no officials are at that point yet. As a matter of fact, the airplane vanished from radar over airspace controlled by Vietnam. Malaysia Airline's vice president actually said "we have no idea what happened to this plane." 

According to reports, at the time of the disappearance the plane had 7.5 hours of fuel.

The apparent route of the airliner is over land.

Commentators on cable news are proclaiming that it appears the plane has vanished in thin air..
The plane was at an altitude of 35,000 feet. The pilot had reported nothing as far as problems..

The plane vanished two hours into flight..

At this point, FOX NEWS,  CNN and MSNBC are running their typical Friday night television, ignoring the breaking news event. The story obtained 'breaking news' status on CNN until 10pm EDT when the network switched to a pretaped special on Pistorius..

To the internet the world goes! It's where we get the news.





New Year's Eve.. Rockin' without Dick Clark in '13

Welcome to the final minutes of the year 2012. Yes. Already. It was so looked forward to, and it is ending so quickly...

It's minus Dick Clark this year, though. And that is notable. Fergie is showering ABC viewers tonight in the pre-game with Dick Clark related footage. Donna Summers is playing while the Doors are swaying. Yes, it's a stroll down amnesia lane in the fast lane. Dick Clarkless 2013. No countdown with the master of Times Square this year.

The show goes on, of course. With Ryan Seacrest to help. Before Seacrest will be 'out' there will be a number of events that occur. A massive ball will drop in Times Square. Revelers will kiss their hearts out.. then race for port-a-potties and their hotel rooms. Maybe stop by a pub and have a cup of cheer..

All around the world, the events are taking place. Some places on Earth are already 2013. The Pope will have a homily about how peace could be achieved. Fireworks will fly high into the night sky.. People will embrace …