Cruel and unusual?

A new pill is going to create a brand new reality--and lots of questions..

Scientists created a pill that will make days seem like 1,000 years.. It's being touted as a new form of punishment to prisoners..Making only hours seem like hell on earth ..

It is certainly an ethical and moral question--is it right and just to make a prisoner face more punishment and torture of 1,000 years? 

In one sense, it could actually be worse than the death penalty for some prisoners. Imagine 1,000 years worth of punishment?

We would create a purgatory or even a hell on earth. But on the other hand, what constitutes as cruel and unusual punishment? Old debates are going to have to be shoved to the side.

We have a new future on our hands.
And the future is now..

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  1. Clyde lewis is doing a show on this tongiht, you may be interested


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